Had expected to be absent from here for a while due to travelling around the ‘Murrica but the fatebods decided instead that I would be refused entry and as a result I have instead been avoiding out of silly depressionisms more than anything else. Well, I suppose actually creating much has been made somewhat tricky by currently having no abode to speak of… Should perhaps be a touch nicer to myself now and then, lol..

Been thinking about finally changing the name/addy here, this may have to be thrown in the workpile for the next few months, wherein I swore to do some hardcore art-plugging with a chum and perhaps overhaul eachothers webstores. Yay productivity and all that jazz.

Have some Doof Warrior doodleage and a cute li’l Baphomet I found wandering around.



Here’s to making tomorrow feel better than today! (No seriously, fuck today, today is bastards. Kill it a lot.)



I was going to hold off on posting this ’til it had a buddy or three but now that I have decided upon said buddies, I realise that I want to do ’em bigger and less doodley.   ….and another Immortan Joe to go with ’em maybe. Possibly. Most definitely. ;P

I don’t know why I wuv him so much, I just do, shut up you aint the boss of me.


So I’ve had a novel idea, stay with me on this one…

I figured that maybe I’ll start actually blogging on my, y’know…blog. Oh yeah, how’s that for some progressive thinking, yeah, ‘ave some of that! 😛

I neglect it too much and hold back from posting a lot out of habit I suppose, built on reasons I had intended to spiel about on here for a paragraph or three but screw it, negative past biz has no place at my table any more and I would rather use this as a platform for the positive things in my life. ~thumbsup~

So yeah, hopefully getting friendlier with it will encourage me to actually post more works and whatnot.

For the most part, all you need to know is;





That’s right, I love posting .gifs yet am awful at finding sources, I blame a year of mindless imageboard trawling…

Now to attempt that sleep business, huzzah! :]

Doodley doings.

Not much in the way of words to throw out tonight but thar be some piccies and that’s better than a slap in the face with a bukkake anthology.  Unless that’s your thing, of course…

(Been meaning to do more to this redo of an old pic for ages, it felt good to play around with it a bit again.)

Cenobite Sunday should be a thing. Let’s make it a thing. 🙂

And a Chucky biro doodle because I can’t recall if I had posted it before and because “Curse of Chucky” was unexpectedly fun and gave me a mass of happy feelin’s.

Now to threaten my scanner with a big stick until it remembers what it’s job is and stops screwin’ around..